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Human resource planning

The company will uphold "Attracting talents, leading industries and super normal development" We should introduce a group of industry elites to set up the backbone of company management, marketing and technology, and cultivate and build a high-quality staff team with combat effectiveness.

According to the company's medium and long-term development plan, by 2015 or so, we will build a team of employees above medium scale in the industry, and initially form a R & D team with independent R & D and independent innovation capabilities, and the R & D capability will reach the above medium level in the industry. By 2020, the scale and management level of human resources will reach the leading level in the industry. A complete set of human resources policies and management mechanisms and innovation mechanisms for talent introduction, training and renewal will be formed, and a good industry management brand will be established to make the company a depression for the gathering of industry elites.
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