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Job fair announcement

Recruitment process
According to the requirements of the interview notice, the applicant should go to the HR department on time to fill in the application form and other relevant information.
Preliminary test
All candidates will be verified and tested by the human resources department, and the qualified candidates will enter the re examination.
1. Post retest process of business unit and subsidiary company
Professional interview is conducted by the examiner of the employing department, and comprehensive interview is conducted by the chief examiner of the business department. The qualified person signs the pre recording notice.
2. Post retest process of public functional departments
The qualified interviewers will be informed by the main department.
All interview and employment process
1. Job recruitment process of business units and subsidiaries
(1) Personnel in important positions such as deputy department level or above or special talents shall be arranged according to the dotted line box process, while the ordinary post personnel shall be arranged with solid line frame process;
(2) The examiners of each position are responsible for the theory and skill examination of candidates;
(3) The general manager of each business unit is responsible for putting forward opinions on salary standard.  
2. Employment process of public functional departments
(1) The dotted line box process is used to arrange the personnel in important positions such as deputy department level or special talents, and the solid line frame process is used for the arrangement of ordinary post personnel;
(2) The director of the employing department puts forward the professional skill level and salary reference opinions of the candidates;
(3) The chief examiner finally determines the personnel.  
Supplementary notes
(1) The examiner of each department must carefully fill in the "interview content" and "assessment result" in the "application form", and sign their opinions and names in the column of "opinions of examiners";
(2) At the end of the interview process, all examiners and staff should timely submit the candidate information and interview summary form to the human resources department for safekeeping.  
Notice to applicants
1、 Please bring the original and copy of the real and valid certificate, resume and relevant certificates reflecting your technical level and professional ability.
2、 According to the actual situation, the applicant should select the Department and post that meets the application conditions in the position selection area, enter the application area to get the application form according to the indicator board, and enter the filling area to fill in the application form carefully;
3、 In order to maintain the order of the scene and facilitate you and others to complete the application successfully, please apply according to the application process;
4、 Candidates should abide by the recruitment discipline of the recruitment venue, and obey the security command. No loud noise, smoking, chewing betel nut and maintaining public health are strictly prohibited;
5、 After the interview, the candidates should leave the company immediately and should not stay in the company;
6、 If you have any other questions, please consult the site guide.
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