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Horizontal directional drilling rig

Higher performance configuration, better operation efficiency, stronger power output!

Jvd series horizontal directional drilling rig is a new type of drilling rig developed on the basis of fully absorbing the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. The product design is novel and unique, and the technology has reached the international advanced level. The whole machine adopts high performance configuration with high cost performance.
The machine has excellent overall performance, beautiful appearance and fine production. Adopting hydraulic pilot control and electro-hydraulic control technology, the operation is convenient and comfortable.
The triple pump system has the advantages of reliable operation, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.
The push-pull system is driven by high-pressure gear pump, with strong bearing capacity.
The power head adopts two speed system, which has high working efficiency.
The machine is compact in shape, good in performance, flexible in construction and transportation.
Jvd series horizontal directional drilling rig is a new type of underground pipeline construction machinery designed and developed based on the advanced "trenchless technology" concept. The equipment adopts full hydraulic and power driving technology to realize the functions of drilling tool propulsion, rotation, back expansion, backhauling and traveling device driving. It is mainly used for crossing Railways, highways, buildings, rivers, as well as in cultural protection areas Laying and maintenance of water supply, gas, power, telecommunication cables, natural gas, oil and other pipelines shall be carried out in downtown areas and crop and vegetation protection areas where excavation is not easy.
Structural features
Higher productivity and lower fuel consumption

Engine system

Dongfeng Cummins engine has the advantages of high reliability and low fuel consumption.
mud pump
The mud pump of famous brand in the industry is adopted, with four kinds of flow and four kinds of pressure, which can be used for drilling and pulling back with different hole diameters. Hydraulic motor drive, stable operation, high output pressure, stable performance.
Walking system
The support roller, guide wheel, carrier roller, driving tooth and tension spring consistent with the excavator system have reliable quality and better durability. Rubber track or steel track is hung with rubber track plate, which does not damage the road surface. High torque drive motor, strong climbing ability.
Main boom, push-pull device
The main arm adopts lifting mechanism to make the machine run smoothly and has the maximum approach angle and departure angle when walking. Small tonnage adopts oil cylinder chain; Large tonnage gear rack push-pull device, stable movement, large propulsion force, convenient maintenance, reliable structure.
Main control valve
It adopts large flow hydraulic pilot control valve with reliable performance.
Power head
Adopt international famous brand "Eaton" large torque cycloid motor, power output is more powerful. Electro hydraulic control of double speed rotation, easy to operate.
Clamp device
It adopts open-loop clamp structure, which is intuitive, convenient and reliable.
Automatic bolt device
It is easy to operate and suitable for operation on soft ground.
Automatic rod changing device
Optional, semi automatic, automatic and easy to operate.
Adopt integral FRP hood, streamline body, elegant and beautiful, adopt double hinge turnover structure, maintenance is convenient.
Drilling tool, back reaming head
High strength alloy guided bit, transfer case and integral drill pipe are used. Extrusion type, cutting type or channel type expander can be selected according to the actual situation, which is durable.
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