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Rotary drilling rig

It has the advantages of fast hole forming speed, strong rock entering ability, wide construction range, complete construction method and high reliability

Caterpillar chassis and vehicle
Excellent design concept, with reliable system, strong power and expandable track, can adapt to various complex working conditions, with multiple characteristics of economy, efficiency, environmental protection and stability.

dynamic system
The original caterpillar EFI engine has strong power and high torque. Linear EFI, turbocharging, and Carter's own electronic control system can make the engine exert maximum power at each speed. Under the same operating conditions, it can save about 10% fuel compared with the same power equipment at home and abroad.

Hydraulic system
Adopt international advanced design concept, hydraulic pilot, proportional operation; The main and auxiliary hydraulic system adopts the combination control of negative flow and load sensitivity, realizes the flow distribution on demand, ensures the transmission effect of the system, and makes the equipment run more reliable, more economical, more efficient and more energy-saving.

Electronic control system
The main components of the electrical system adopt famous German or Finnish brands, and special controllers for construction machinery. They coordinate and control the engine, oil pump, main valve and control handle. At the same time, it achieves high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection in the working process; The unique design of high intelligent fault monitoring system can accurately judge the source of fault; High precision sensors ensure the precise measurement and monitoring of various working conditions of the drilling rig in the construction process.

Driving device
Hengtian 95jvr series rotary drilling rig adopts the power head produced by professional manufacturers, equipped with world-famous brand bangfeili or Brevini reducer, and adopts multi-stage damping design such as heavy shock absorber spring, various damping rubber, shock absorber, etc., which is safe and reliable, and makes the construction more comfortable.

Construction method support construction
We warmly provide users with equipment selection consultation. According to the geological conditions of construction and the construction needs of users, we provide suggestions for the configuration of drill pipes and drilling tools for users, so as to reduce the construction efficiency caused by improper equipment configuration, and even cause unnecessary damage to the equipment.


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