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Hengtian JiuWu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. currently has a national technology center sub center, three provincial technology centers and a provincial engineering center. The company is a "high-tech enterprise" in Hunan Province, a "double hundred project" project enterprise promoting new industrialization in Hunan Province, a "science and technology plan project enterprise" of Hunan science and technology department and Changsha Science and Technology Bureau Hunan intellectual property advantage cultivation enterprise has obtained the "Hunan quality credit A-level enterprise certificate", a number of technical achievements have passed the scientific and technological novelty search of authoritative departments, and several products have obtained the "certificate of adopting international standard product mark" issued by the National Standardization Committee.
The company's technical center has 193 employees, including 18 senior experts and 5 doctoral students; We have all kinds of R & D and testing equipment with an original value of more than 20 million yuan, and the scientific research strength has been continuously enhanced. At the same time, the company invests a lot of money into technology research and development every year, and vigorously strengthens the protection of intellectual property rights.  
R & D platform system:
The technology center tracks and studies the technology development trend of four major fields at home and abroad, including construction machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery and agricultural machinery, as well as the application results of new technology and new materials, and carries out forward-looking and high-end technology development and product design, so as to ensure the company's technology leading edge in the industry, And gradually establish the leading position in the field of technology; Focus on the improvement and improvement of existing products, secondary development of products, in order to reduce design costs, improve stable performance and product quality, and provide personalized and differentiated services for customers. The center is mainly engaged in the development of hydraulic excavator, static pile driver, long screw drill, rotary drilling rig, horizontal directional drilling machine, corrugated cardboard packaging machine, agricultural machinery and textile machinery. The annual investment in science and technology accounts for 5-8% of the product sales revenue, and the contribution rate of new products reaches more than 50%.
The new R & D building under construction is located in Hengtian Jiuwu new industrial park, East 11th Road, economic development zone, Changsha City, with a total of 12 floors, covering an area of 2500 square meters, with a building area of more than 10000 square meters, and can accommodate 1000 people for R & D and office work at the same time. In addition, an experimental center with an area of 1500 square meters is under construction, which is used for the company's comprehensive development of new products, application of new technologies / new materials / new processes, tackling key problems in key projects, basic research and other trial production and testing work. The technology center has a complete product planning system, R & D project management and incentive system, technological innovation system, key technology tackling system, scientific and technological information / standard / data management / information construction and other technical service systems, system support system, intellectual property protection system and industry university research system. The per capita income of R & D personnel is higher than the average level of the enterprise and higher than that of the surrounding peer enterprises. In addition, there is a perfect training system to support the common growth of employees and enterprises. The technical center consists of offices, major mechanical research institutes, comprehensive research institutes and test centers.
The subsidiary companies Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Hengyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Feida printing and dyeing textile machinery Co., Ltd. are the main manufacturers of domestic stenting and setting machines. Shaoyang textile machinery is now a large backbone enterprise in the national textile machinery industry, and is recognized as a key high-tech enterprise in the National Torch Plan by the Ministry of science and technology, It is a national major chemical fiber technology and equipment localization research and development base and printing and dyeing finishing equipment development base. It is a domestic professional manufacturer of cigarette tow equipment. The group leader of a few national chemical fiber companies has undertaken several key projects for China's chemical fiber industry Major technical equipment localization innovation research projects and projects have made significant contributions to the industry's technological progress.
The production, teaching and research work of the technology center has been carried out in depth. It has established strategic cooperative relations with a number of scientific research institutions such as Central South University and Hunan University of technology, making full use of the research strength of relevant research institutes to improve the technical development level of the company.
- in 2011, it was recognized as the enterprise technology center of Hunan Province
-A total of 306 patents have been applied, 178 of which have been authorized, including more than 97 invention patents
-It has won 11 science and technology progress awards above the municipal level, including 6 at the national, provincial and ministerial levels
-Undertaking 40 provincial and municipal science and technology projects
-4 national key new products
Personnel composition
The company has 4155 employees, 416 people engaged in scientific and technological activities, including 45 graduate students, 24 senior experts and 5 doctoral students.
Research and development means - Construction of experimental center
The experimental center under construction of the technology center covers an area of 1500 square meters, which is used for the development of new products, the application of new technologies / new materials / new processes, the tackling of key projects, the trial production and testing of basic research and others.
Testing equipment
The company has complete process test means and various high-precision testing instruments commonly used in different fields.
Digital information platform
The company's technology development information platform is constantly improving and improving with the rapid development of enterprises; Digital design and virtual manufacturing have been carried out by using three-dimensional and two-dimensional CAD design software such as Pro / E and inventor, finite element analysis software ANSYS, motion and dynamics software ADAMS and hardware equipment. The research and development quality and efficiency have been improved, and the R & D cycle has been greatly shortened. A CAD / CAE / CAPP Technology Innovation Platform Based on PDM (Product Data Management) is being built, The standardization of technical data will be brought into the enterprise product database management.
research project
- 2008 small multifunctional hydraulic excavator project supported by Changsha Municipal Economic Commission
-The expansion and renovation project of 2000 multi-functional small hydraulic excavators with an annual output of 2000 units was approved by the provincial economic and Information Commission
-2009 high speed wide multi-functional corrugated board machine development and application project supported by provincial science and technology plan
-The project of energy-saving machinery adapting to high-efficiency hydraulic machinery in Changsha was approved by Changsha High-tech Economic Committee in 2010
-2010 high efficiency, energy saving and high adaptability hydraulic dredging unit project was approved by Changsha Municipal Economic Commission
-2010 long screw pile driver project supported by provincial science and technology plan
-2011 low energy consumption, high quality, medium and large engineering oil cylinder development project was supported by provincial science and technology plan
-The application project of 2011 New drill bit in long spiral drilling rig was supported by the technical innovation guidance plan of provincial economic and Information Commission
-The development project of 2011 full-automatic wide width high-speed energy-saving corrugated board production line was supported by the technical innovation guidance plan of provincial economic and Information Commission
-The development project of 2011 automatic composite paperboard production line was supported by the technical innovation guidance plan of provincial economic and Information Commission
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