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Hydraulic static pile driver

Introduction of jvy series hydraulic static pile driver
Jvy series hydraulic static pile driver is a new environmental protection construction equipment, which has the characteristics of no pollution, no noise, no vibration, high speed of pile driving and high quality of pile forming, which represents the development direction of pile construction machinery in the future. Jvy series hydraulic static pile driver has more than 10 varieties, pile driver from 60 tons to 1200 tons. The use of high-quality materials and components, unique hydraulic pipeline design and processing methods, to ensure the cleanliness and high reliability of the hydraulic system, at the source to ensure the high quality of products. Adhering to the service concept of "everything for customers", we provide personalized design and better solutions for customers.
Jvy series hydraulic static pile driver has many invention patent technologies: hydraulic system based on negative flow control system (Patent No.: zl201811482507. X), main circuit unloading system controlled by pilot hydraulic pressure (Patent No.: zl201811483152.6), anti overturning control device of construction machinery (Patent No.: zl201510010337.5) Multifunctional hydraulic integrated valve block (Patent No.: zl201510009244.0), etc.
Main features of the product
In addition to the high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other technical performance of the same kind of domestic hydraulic static pile driver, Hengtian 955 brand pile driver also has the following unique technical features:
-Unique clamping mechanism design
The orientation of each jaw can be adjusted according to the pile surface to ensure large area contact between the jaw and the pile body and avoid damage to the pile body.
-The new side and corner pile mechanism and reasonable structure layout are conceived
The capacity of the whole machine to handle side and corner piles is improved. The driving force of the side and corner piles can reach 60% - 70% of that of the middle pile, and its performance is much better than that of the hanging side pile device.
-Unique pile clamping and pressure retaining system
It can automatically replenish oil in case of oil cylinder leakage to ensure high reliability of clamping and construction quality.
-Unique final voltage stabilizing system
It ensures that the machine will not float when the final pressure is reached, and greatly improves the safe operation performance of pile driving.
-The original design of walking car refueling cup
It can effectively lubricate the trolley rail wheel and prolong the service life of the rail wheel.
-Design of high flow constant power hydraulic system
The pile driver works faster.

Basic composition of hydraulic static pile driver  
  Pile driving platform
- the pile pressing platform is the main working mechanism of the machine, which can realize the operation of pile clamping and pile pressing. It is mainly composed of pile pressing cylinder, beam, column, pile clamping box, pile clamping cylinder, etc.
Side pile mechanism
- if the side pile or corner pile is to be treated, the cross beam pile driving cylinder assembly and pile clamping box assembly at the pile driving platform shall be directly moved to the side pile column of the machine body, and the oil pipe shall be installed and fixed, and the oil pipe shall be connected, so as to realize the edge pile operation.
Lifting mechanism
- the lifting mechanism is mainly composed of four lifting cylinders and four cantilevers. Four lifting cylinders are respectively connected with the fuselage through four cantilevers, and their piston rods are respectively hinged with four groups of traveling cars on the long ship, and the fuselage is lifted and lowered by the expansion and contraction of four lifting cylinders. With the action of the vertical and horizontal mechanisms, the lifting mechanism can realize the walking and rotation of the pile driver.
- the crane is installed on the jvy hydraulic static pile driver, which is mainly used to lift the pile. It is an auxiliary equipment of jwy hydraulic static pile driver. The structure of crane is similar to that of general hydraulic truck crane, which is mainly composed of boom system, winch system, slewing system and hydraulic control system. The hydraulic control system includes a group of manual multi-channel directional valve. Pulling the corresponding multi-channel valve handle can realize luffing, winch, slewing, boom telescopic and other actions.
Working principle of crane
- hydraulic control system: the hydraulic oil output from the hydraulic pump is sent to the crane part through the swivel joint. At this time, the oil pressure of the system is controlled by the relief valve on the multi-channel valve, which is set at 18Mpa. Manual operation can realize the control of luffing, winch, slewing and boom telescopic.

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