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Sinochem's R & D and large-scale hydraulic excavators have absorbed advanced foreign technology. At present, there are more than ten models of products from 7.5 tons to 38 tons. At present, jv75e, jv85e, jv150c, jv215c and other models are widely used in municipal, green, highway, farmland and other aspects of excavation, bulldozing, crushing, compaction, leveling, hoisting and other work. Because of its low purchase and use costs, the market prospect is broad. Under the guidance of the policy of expanding domestic demand and revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, the products sell well and the market capacity is huge.
The main components are as follows: It mainly consists of eight parts Power system, hydraulic system, electrical system, air conditioning device, slewing device, walking device, structural parts assembly and covering parts assembly.
   Purpose: It is mainly used in highway engineering, railway engineering, tunnel engineering, bridge dike and mine engineering, etc.

High end configuration, comfortable operation and convenient maintenance

1. Famous brand engine

Adopt famous brand engine, strong power, high efficiency and reliability;
Meet the national III / Euro III emission standards, low vibration, low noise, energy saving, environmental protection;
Excellent cooling system, power performance to the extreme;
It is easy to start at low temperature, suitable for operation in high altitude and cold area.
2. Advanced and reliable hydraulic system
Better hydraulic system, flexible operability is the core of operation;
The driver can balance the weight according to the operation requirements, so that the boom, stick and bucket can be operated flexibly, quickly and efficiently, so as to realize the real action at will;
Pump, valve, motor and other components are imported components to ensure stable and reliable operation;
3. Optimized design of high strength and durability structural parts
A large number of high strength and wear-resistant alloy steel plates are used;
The structural parts, rotary platform, lower frame and working device have excellent mechanical properties;
Greatly improve the overall structural strength, support strong excavation, and prolong the service life;
High wear resistance of bucket and high wear resistance;
Boom and stick: optimize the design of large and small arms, increase the thickness of some materials, and effectively improve the reliability of heavy load operation;
Oil cylinder: buffer is designed inside the oil cylinder, which can absorb the impact of piston and cylinder body, prolong the service life of oil cylinder and reduce noise and vibration.
4. Comfortable and humanized driving space
The cab adopts frame structure to effectively protect the operator's personal safety;
All controllers are arranged and installed according to ergonomics;
Large screen display is beautiful and elegant;
Adjustable armrest and seat, easy to operate and effectively relieve fatigue;
The cab has large glass area and wide vision.
5. Convenient, time-saving and labor-saving maintenance
The unique combined large capacity cooling system design can effectively enhance the heat dissipation, and give full play to the super heat dissipation performance of the machine in the case of overload or continuous operation;
Hydraulic oil filtering system adopts the configuration of well-known fluid control manufacturer, with low maintenance cost and high maintenance level;
Convenient daily maintenance: the design of diesel engine oil filter element, oil-water separator, air filter, etc., and the convenience of inspection and replacement.

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