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Service commitment

After sales service tenet
Perfect after-sales service system is a powerful guarantee to maintain the brand image. Do a good job in the after-sales service of each product and establish a perfect after-sales service system. Our after-sales service aim is to develop together and improve.

Delivery inspection:
After the customer's purchase procedures, the service personnel will explain the operation and maintenance of the prototype, train the customer, fill in the warranty form, and fax it to Hengtian No.95 factory within three days.

Regular inspection:
All products of Hengtian ninth five year plan Machinery Co., Ltd. carry out regular inspection for 50, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 hours, and the service supervisor shall take the initiative to carry out comprehensive inspection and repair of the equipment according to the return visit to customers.

Warranty maintenance:
The scope of warranty repair shall refer to the warranty manual. In principle, the factory requires to implement a 24-hour treatment system, that is to restore the working performance of the equipment through the repair or replacement of the fault parts within 24 hours. In principle, the repair and solution of the fault parts are required. If the replacement is needed, the service director shall apply to two service departments in advance, and the exchange can be carried out after approval. The problem must be handled accurately and thoroughly. The same fault is not allowed to be repaired twice.
The service personnel shall fill in the maintenance report carefully, and the time and content must be true, and the report shall be faxed to the service department within 24 hours.

Spare parts inventory All the spare parts are provided by Hengtian 95.

Cross regional services:
When the equipment needs to be transferred to other agent areas for construction due to work, if the mileage is far away, the agent shall inform the factory and arrange other agents to carry out tracking service, and the service fee shall be settled by the factory through negotiation.

Customer return visit:
The service supervisor shall establish detailed customer files and visit users weekly to understand and master the equipment usage.

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